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Song Therapy

Songs are musical narratives of our human existence, and writing them, like any form of creative expression, can be transformational. Finding the right colour, shape, sound, movement or phrase to capture the essence of a feeling, is extremely therapeutic. Art heals. 


For Kirsti-Anna, songwriting has always been the discourse through which she expresses and endeavours to understand the complexities of experience, and she loves helping others to do the same.  

Kirsti-Anna is currently studying for a diploma in Song Therapy. This is a relatively new field of music therapy which is now taking root in the NHS social prescribing concept. Song therapists are highly skilled music leaders, who use awareness, observation, empathy, person-centred thinking and positive regard to engage participants in familiar melody and rhythm to connect with others and find a sense of belonging. 

For songwriting coaching and mentoring, or more information on Song Therapy, contact 

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